Genres:noisy Indie-Rock Demos recorded within a week.
Release Date:January 24, 2022
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about it:
This album makes me cringe. Still working on the songs as of now (10/20/2022.) to make them into something I'm satisfied with unlike these versions. Some people still rlly liked it tho.

fun fact:
recorded really quickly just so I could get these ideas out somehow. no other purpose other than the fear i'd get hit by a car and I never got to do anything with these songs.

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secret text omg

secret text omg

01 Intermission.

02 Will Toledo (this song is obnoxious and dumb).

03 Only Friend.

04 Was it Worth it?

05 Indifferent (I hate this song).

06 Derailroaded.

07 Outro.

08 Will Toledo. (fuk-d mix)

secret text omg 2

secret text omg 2