Medium:Digital and traditional Art, Programming, Music and Sound.
Genres:Jungle, Experimental Hip-Hop, Plunderphonics, LoFi. etc. etc.
Current location:behind you. (:

about me:
Hi, I'm Marcel and I'm 20. I currently live in Austria and am working on getting a degree in IT. I've been doing art for most of my life. I've not been traditionally taught in any of the art forms i currently use as a medium, however, because of that I was able to develop a very unique sense of making things feel organic, precise and make them have enough space to breathe. I'm full of passion.

favourite artists:
Black Midi, James Chance, Arto Lindsay, Sun Araw, Frank Zappa, Swans, Daniel Johnston, Aphex Twin, Charles Mingus, Death Grips.

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i like making music and especially making soundtracks for things! i havent gotten many opportunities yet but i did do one for this game.

now here's some snippets of my past work!

indie rock track produced mixed and mastered by me.

in the style of a game for the Nintendo DS (including audio artifacts typical for the system).

ambient soundscape.

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i also enjoy working on visual art.

cover art for Second Hand Drivers single 'Dopamine Terrorist'.

grafix for @AliceScum.

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